Date: August 24th 2014 Event: Presentation of wines in the medieval village of Loro Piceno, Marche Region, Italy. The wines of this area are famous and are called vino cotto.

The small village of Loro Piceno, in the province of Macerata, is the home of “cooked wine”, a perfect red wine to be served at the end of the meal with typical local sweets. Known since Roman times and also in the Middle Ages, today the cooked wine of Loro Piceno is included in the national list of traditional products. It is a strong wine, amber-yellow color with a tendency to brown shades.
Loro Piceno, the small medieval village that boasts the highest quality in the region for the production of cooked wine, dedicates every year a festival, the Cotto Wine Festival, with simple and popular festivities, with allegorical floats adorned with vines and wheat. Loro Piceno also hosts a permanent exhibition of equipment and tools for the production of cooked wine.