View of Settembrini coffee bar in the Prati district of Rome. Settembrini is CafÈ, bistro, deli, wine cellar.

Settembrini is a figure of the Italian Risorgimento. A character in The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann. Settembrini is Café, bistro, deli, wine cellar. The barman prepares classic cocktails and contemporary inventions. The space is a clever mix of warmth and simplicity.

“You eat surrounded by black and white photographs and you drink wines selected with particular care.”

Lying on couches, between books and pillows, or, on the wooden benches of the outdoor seating, you can eat or enjoy a glass, sip tea, enjoy a coffee.

In the beginning, in 2003, Settembrini was “only“ a restaurant. In 2010 the breakthrough: the creation of the Settembrini Café. In November, on the other side of the road, in piazza Martiri di Belfiore, open Settembrini Books&Kitchen: library, kitchen, delivery, take away. In addition to being a place of meeting and conviviality Settembrini is also your home. A place to live and discover a little at a time, a really funny, dreamy and careless, but also a place rich in history, events, foods and cuisines, wines and wine cellars, handouts and living rooms. We would like to enter from Settembrini, in any of its spaces, it was a bit like stepping into your home.