San Felice Circeo is a village in the province of Latina, in the Lazio region of central Italy. It is included in that Circeo National Park. Sites include the Grotta Guattari, one of the oldest Neanderthal man finding sites in Italy.

The village of San Felice Circeo has a very ancient history, which begins with the men of Neanderthal. During the centuries the Circeo will be roman colony, possession of the Templars during the Middle Ages, a fief of the Caetani and finally stronghold pontifical.

The territory of the village of San Felice Circeo develops under the promontory of Circeo, appearing from Anzio like the profile of a face of a man lying down, while from Gaeta appears as an island, the ancient island Eea. The plain below, the Agro Pontino, is instead constituted by submerged sands, reclaimed during the fascist period.

The history of the Circeo has a large hole of time that goes from the fall of the Roman Empire until the year One Thousand. These are the years of the barbaric invasions and is not to be excluded that the inhabitants of the colony have suffered violence and devastation, first with Alaric and then with Genseric. Surely Circei was destroyed in the IX century by the Saracen invasions.
San Felice Circeo is a bustling town. There is a spacious central piazza along with loads of restaurants, coffee bars, pizzerias and some nightclubs. The town is tidy and attractive with palm and pine lined streets. The Torre dei Templari (Tower of the Templar Knights) now houses the tourist office and a museum. The Palazzo Baronale, once the home of Lucretia Borgia, is now home to city hall.