Cerveteri is just off the main highway that runs along the coast of the northern Lazio region to Tuscany. The town of Cerveteri is located in the region of Lazio, in the province of Rome, which is approximately 40 km. In ancient times the city of Caere was one of the most important cities of southern Etruria.

Cerveteri has a small medieval center, built on a hill. Inside Ruspoli Castle, the National Museum has artifacts from the necropolis.

Necropolis of Banditaccia

The Etruscan Necropolis of Banditaccia at Cerveteri is the main burial area of the ancient Caere and represents the grandest example of funerary architecture of the Etruscan culture and one of the most important archaeological sites in the Mediterranean.

Placed on a tufa plateau to the west of the ancient Civita, the necropolis was used since the seventh century. B.C. The area that can be visited, about twelve hectares, is known as “the fence” and was systematically excavated from 1909 until 1933 by Raniero Mengarelli (old fence) and, after World War II, by Mario Moretti (new fence). This ancient cemetery stretches for hundreds of hectares.

The tombs were excavated in the tufa rock, faithfully replicating the plan and furnishings of habitations of the same period. Following a chronological itinerary, you can follow and understand the evolution of Etruscan funerary architecture over more than six centuries. The most ancient tombs, dating from the beginning of the 7th century BC, are distinguished by their characteristic tumulus, one or more tombs, used by several generations of the same family, were built inside these huge circular mounds.

The Castle of Ruspoli

Opened in 1967, the museum is housed in the 13th century Castle in the medieval fortress (rocca), which used to be property of the Ruspoli Princes. The original core, which goes back to the 12th century was amplified and restructured during the 14th – 16th centuries.