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Abbeys and Sanctuaries in Italy

Valvisciolo Cistercian Abbey

Valvisciolo Abbey is a Cistercian monastery in the province of Latina, central Italy, near the towns of Sermoneta and Ninfa. It is an example of rigorous Romanesque-Cistercian architecture, considered a masterpiece of that style in central Italy. The abbey was founded in the 8th century by Greek Basilian monks. It was occupied and restored by the Knights Templar in the...

Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie

Near the medieval town of Bevagna in the Umbria region in central Italy, there is the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie (late 16th century)

Sanctuary of Loreto

Loreto as the seat of the Basilica della Santa Casa, a popular Catholic pilgrimage site in Marche Region, central Italy. The city's main monuments occupy the four sides of the piazza: the college of the Jesuits; the Palazzo Comunale (formerly the Palazzo Apostolico), designed by Bramante, that houses an art gallery with works of Lorenzo Lotto, Vouet and Annibale Carracci...

Sanctuary of the Madonna della Stella

The sanctuary of the Madonna della Stella is a Catholic place of worship located in the town of Montefalco in Umbria region. The small village is located halfway between Montefalco and Spoleto, in the middle of the plain spoletina. Il sanctuary, opened in 1884, is dedicated to Maria Auxilium Christianorum. The architect Giovanni Santini Umbertidesi designed a church in neoclassical style,...

Cistercian Casamari Abbey

Casamari Abbey is a Cistercian abbey in the Province of Frosinone, Lazio Region, central Italy. It marks the site of Cereatae, the birthplace of Caius Marius, afterwards known, as inscriptions attest, as Cereatae Marianae, having been separated perhaps by the triumvirs, from the territory of Arpinum. In the early Imperial times it was an independent community. The current Abbot of...


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