View of a typical wine shop Buccone in the center of Rome. These stores offer a variety wines and typical Italian products such as olive oil and spaghetti

Since 1969 Mr. Domenico Buccone started to sell rare wine and champagne in Rome, served with Grana Cheese, canapé and quail hard-boiled eggs, in a familiar and traditional environment. At present time his sons, Vincenzo and Francesco, go on with this tradition, and in addition to the service behind the counter , you can enjoy a postmeridian tasting service placed in small room where you can drink a good glass of wine and eat specialized food, or a cup of tea and cappuccino with cakes if you prefer.

Most of the store’s furnishings are from the beginning of the last century, like the inlaid wooden counters with marble tops, the high wooden set of shelves full of wine bottles, liquors and food, and supported by columns, or the brick arches and the four big wrought iron chandeliers.

On the walls there are prints and paintings about wine culture, and several antique mirrors making the store warm and attractive.